I wanted to get a go kart, um, “for the boys.”  We have a 1/2 acre out back that’s intended for horses but I figured it would be pretty good for a small go kart track.

First off I sold off the horse fence that was taking up space back there.  Then I got 100 junk tires from CRM Rubber in Mesa, Arizona.  I rented a U-Haul box truck, went down there, loaded it full, paid $25 for the whole lot.  Then I laid out a track on the back lot using the tires to mark about where I want the boys to drive (pictured).

Side note: the kart kicks up quite a bit of dust which I wasn’t expecting.  The kart is pretty quiet and that’s what I’d been mostly concerned about with our neighbors.  But the dust plume was pretty significant.

So now I run a couple of sprinklers on the back turns for 10 minutes before racing and that seems to get things pretty much under control.