First off I went out to watch the PKRA (Phoenix Kart Racing Association) nearby in Glendale.  They’re pretty hardcore, with specialized racing go karts, mandated helmet specifications, racing suits, the whole nine yards.  The guys who race are super friendly but they are very into it.  Many have huge trailers or RVs to haul their carts, along with rolling stands to move the karts from the pits to the race area.

It’s a nice asphalt track  and I was very impressed with the driving.  Even the little spuds 6 years old are very good drivers, aggressive, and taking good lines through turns.

I went to a local kart shop and talked to a helpful guy named Darryl about what I’d need to race with PKRA.  He said I’d be looking at about $4k for a trailer, $2.5k for a racing kart, $160 for a regulation racing suit, and maybe $130 for a regulation helmet.  And probably a few miscellaneous articles as well.  So it was going to be pretty expensive.

After that I spent a little time looking at karts on the web and called a few folks to talk about what I’d need for my six year old and my ten year old.  Jay at was super helpful and said I could go with a Trailmaster XRS Mid and both boys would be able to drive.  He said I’d even be able to drive it if I folded up my knees a bit.

So I ordered a blue Trailmaster XRS Mid and they said they’d ship it to my house.  I had to pay a tiny bit more ($10) to get a lift on the truck so I’d be able to take delivery of such a heavy item.  I guess it weighs in at about 315 lbs or so.

The kart is pretty perfect for us, great tires for running on the dirt/gravel out back, and the adjustable seat lets both my boys drive it no problem.