Jay advised me to not try to run the Trailmaster XRS Mid kart with the oil it was shipped with.  He said the engine would burn out in 10 minutes as that oil is very light and not designed for actual use.

So before I ran the kart, I changed to 10w-40 motor oil as recommended by Jay.  You’ll need approximately the equipment shown above.  That’s a 12mm metric socket.

The oil drain plug is behind the seat of the kart down low and it just looks like a regular bolt.


Yeah, the kart is a little dirty from playing.  Anyhow, put a coffee can under the plug, and remove the plug with a 12mm socket, preferably with a little extender and a socket wrench.  The plug may be torqued in pretty tight so I think you’ll need a wrench to get enough leverage.

With the new kart, I didn’t run it first as I understood it was pretty light oil.  But normally you’ll probably want the kart engine warm so the oil will drain more quickly.  The trick is to run the engine long enough the get the oil warm, but not to make things too hot to touch.  5 minutes on a cold engine is probably about right.

Remove the drain plug.  I’ve read maybe you’re supposed to get the back of the kart up on blocks but I’ve done it with the kart flat.


With warm oil it probably takes about 3 minutes to drain.


Put the drain plug back in after the oil slows to dripping.

Next, take out the oil fill/dipstick here:


This twists out with fingers.  You’ll need a small funnel to pour in new oil.


Now you could try to fill to the level indicated by the tiny dipstick but I’ve read that if you just fill to about where it starts to overflow out of the fill spout you’re probably fine.  That’s what I’ve done.  Please advise if you think I should back it off a bit.  In the past I’ve known it was considered bad to overfill the engine oil.

It takes probably most of a pint of oil, but not the whole can.