Both guys are doing great driving it.  I think it’s extremely safe, especially compared to open ATVs and dirt bikes.  We always wear helmets, closed toe shoes, and eye protection (OK, that came later, but you need it because the wheels kick up dirt and rocks).

I was originally planning on gloves and protective clothing but I seem to have let that slip a bit.

My hope is that they’ll get their jollies out racing the karts and not try that stuff in a full size car.  They’ll learn to steer and maneuver, but racing should remain in the realm of go karts while real cars are for transportation.  That’s my theory anyhow.

One way or another they should have a leg up on heir peers when it’s time to steer a real car.

Here’s Joey age 6.

And Danny age 10.

Eli and Liam and their mom Jill came over.  Jill took a turn too but unfortunately I didn’t get any video of her.  Here’s Eli:

And little brother Liam:

Nick and Mateus came over.  Little brother Mateus first:

Now Nick:

Here’s Joey giving the thumbs up:

Nick is in the driver’s seat and Danny is riding shotgun:

Cousin Matt came for Christmas 2016. He already drives “real” cars but he took a turn: